Anthem Pleasant Solar Freight Mobile Car Charging Station Rendering
Anthem Pleasant Solar Limousine Mobile Car Charging Station Rendering

Arizona is the center of the Solar Power Universe. Homes, schools, factories, office complexes, warehouses, hospitals, and, of course, cars and trucks all rely on the natural source of the sun for at least a portion of their electric power requirements. 

Among the most rapidly expanding markets to use the sun as energy sources are cars and trucks. The drawback for many users is a readily available place to recharge. Dotted across the landscape are permanent short-term charging stations associated with offices, restaurants, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, and other facilities where drivers can recharge their vehicles while engaged in other activities. 

But how about other more temporary activities such as the Superbowl, spring training games, the Waste Management Phoenix Open, and other large audience gatherings? Until now, investing in convenient recharging facilities at these events has not been practical. 

And mobile solar power also is available for more than vehicles. Remote and portable power stations are convenient for off-site communication equipment, remote entertainment venues, and other activities where power is needed but not available. 

In addition to providing power where needed, these mobile solar power stations offer excellent partnerships for advertisers and associated sponsors. Imagine a mobile solar power station at the Superbowl or Phoenix Open or a spring training site, sponsored by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Public Service, or Waste Management, each a significant Arizona entity focused on growing and supporting the local economy. 

That would be a solid partnership with positive exposure throughout these events! These partnerships are open for a limited time to major sponsors interested in boosting their exposure within the greater Phoenix area. 

About Pleasant Limousines 

Pleasant Limousines has been a research project since 2005. Anthem Pleasant and associate have come up with artwork & renderings, “Mobile renewable energy solar car charging station.”